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Ideas and what we have tried…

Many have asked where are we with _______. fill in the blank

Health Insurance – Currently don’t have any, I’m self-employed and my wife’s Insurance only covers her, monthly premiums just seemed to high before this came along.  Since she’s been very healthily for the last 10 years.

St. Jude’s – they specialize in this type of thing however I contacted them June 29th, by phone and email and I have yet to hear back from them.  From what we know she would be a perfect for an open study they have. It’s also a 17+ hour drive from Duluth/Hermantown to Memphis, TN. We also have come to enjoy the level of care at Children’s hospital in St. Paul.

Medical Assistance – This a county government Insurance plan for mostly low income peoples… We do make more than is allowed for this program however they do have a “spend down” program which would qualify us for some help.  The exact amount if we’re accepted is unknown, the initial numbers looked like maybe a “deductible” that would change between $1,000.00 a month to $2,500.00 a month, based on some funny government math, we would still be responsible for.

SSI (Social Security Disability) – On a great tip we got from some one we went and filled out the paper work to see if she would qualify and be accepted for this program. We meet with them on Aug. 15th. and it can take around 4 months before we hear anything on this program.  This would be an important thing for us as it would give us an Insurance plan that would cover her and most of her ongoing needs until she is healed.Â

Duluth has a Gamma/Cyber Knife – Yes it does and someday if the tumor is still around or comes back when she’s much older this will be an excellent technology to use.  At this point in her life and development any type of radiation would be harmful to her. Causing learning disabilities and other side effects we’re not willing to consider this at the moment. This also covers any other radiation type treatment.

At this point we are willing to look into just about any option for ideas people may have… Please feel free to email them or post your comments (once registered).  I’ll list those ideas here and give updates as they come up.

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  1. Shermeen0621 Says:

    It blow my mind that whilst yall are dealing with all this you have to worry about hospital bill and finance. That’s not the case over here in the UK. Of course you wouldn’t have thought something would happen. And its for that reason that there should be a better kind of safety net to provide help and assistance to all!