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The bills so far…

Here is a summary of where we are at with the bills after nearly two months into this…

Currently we are at $26,130.41

And so far we’ve been able to pay $835.00 to date. Most of which is meds, glasses, and the new eye exam in St. Paul.  This does not take into account gas for the 2 hour drive to see the doctors in St. Paul or the hotel stays and food.

Ongoing Chemo costs are still unknown.

I’ll give a detailed breakdown of the 26k later.

3 Responses to “The bills so far…”

  1. grady Says:

    Im not familiar with the hospital but have you spoken to social workers etc that they have on staff about assistance available?. Back in 93 I was in a similar situation self employed no insurance etc and one of my daughters was born with a rare defect which required long term hospital stays. In ohio there is an assistance program called bcmh which is at the state level that the hospital socail workers had us apply to. This program allowed for an income and still helped and wondering if MN doesnt have something similar. Im going to do some nosing around and see what I can find out. Ill talk to my wife also since shes more familiar as to what doors to knock on.

  2. P. Senarighi Says:

    Well that’s funny you should ask… Because she called today! Once we told her what we’ve done so far already she was very impressed we managed to do as much as we did without her help! We’ll be following up/meeting with her next week when Ana has Chemo.

    She actually said sorry for not getting in touch with us sooner…

    As always I’m open to any and all help in whatever shape for form it comes in… I know The other day someone suggested a site or 2 I was looking at right before bed and I left the PC on and there must have been a power surge that night and I had lost it… I’ll have to look it up in my history this weekend.


  3. Shermeen0621 Says:

    I’m truly shocked and disgusted, you wouldn’t have to see that bill over here.

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