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School Starts Tomorrow!

Well the hardest summer we’ve gone though is over officially tomorrow Sept. 6th.  Both kids go to school again. 

Lucky for Sara and I we get to go tomorrow as well.  Not to class with the kids but for a phone conference with Ana’s 6 or 7 teachers and then Dr. Mortel will be on the phone.  To answer questions the teachers & staff have about the Tumor. 

We’ll be talking about modifying her day. Having double vision from the tumor placement many of the fast action sports are out of the question for her.  At least on the receiving end, during football and what not we want her to be as active as possible she can still learn the rules, how to toss the ball.  We just plan on keeping her out of catching the ball at the moment. Ana had a nasty run-in with a basketball this summer at a friends moving party where the kids were playing.  She grabbed for the wrong ball, when she saw two.

From there I’m sure they’ll talk about if she needs a nap and chemotherapy.  The level of detail of the phone call I’m not exactly sure of only because the Clinic is sending up the life specialist to the school to put on a presentation for the students on her condition.

My thanks goes out to the teachers and staff at Hermantown Middle school for being so accommodating and supportive.

On a side note niether child is happy about the lunch choice for the first day of school and will be brining a bag lunch.  For some reason my kids will not eat the schools hot dogs, something about hearing about them bouncing.  Go figure.

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