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First day of school

first-day-of-school-06.pngToday was the girls first day back at school… Most parents are naturally worried about sending the kids off every fall however this fall has been extra difficult.  However the school staff has been very supportive knowing as little as they knew going into this.  So today we had a conference call with Dr. Mortel with a couple of Ana’s teachers, the school nurses, and the Principle.

Going into the meeting we thought the doctor would just want a restriction on gym and get her excused from any part of gym that included objects either running or being thrown at her.  Much to our surprise he wanted her in no way in a gym class with a full roster of kids!  Which was fine by us, just a little more than we expected.  It’s our guess he’s worried about the worst case scenario even on the easiest of gym activities.  Ana was relieved as now she shouldn’t have to do the half mile run.

He also wanted her to have a buddy escort her to her next class as she’s going to bump into other children or get tripped much easier with the double vision. She also got approval to use the elevator to go from each of the floors as needed instead of using the stairs.  She tripped on going into the school today on a short section of stairs outside the building.

Other than that we got cleared up that once she has chemotherapy on Friday when/if she goes to school on Monday she will not be a biohazard risk to the other children. For those of you who don’t know much about Chemotherapy there is a bio hazard risk for 48hours after a person receives chemotherapy. Should she puke we need to use gloves and clean it up completely. The med notes mention things she should refrain from if she was older while in this 48-hour period.

The teachers were very egger to learn what’s going on with her and how to best help her… So the clinic is looking to send up the Child Life Specialist to the school the first week of October where she will do trainings and presentations on her condition.

Other than that Ana did very well on her first day. She had a student not recognize her until she took off her glasses and said “hey it’s me Ana, I just look different because I have a brain tumor”. A rather simple reply without her getting into it’s really the steroid making her look different.  OH well.

We had expected her to come home and crash for a bit but she didn’t it’s almost bedtime now and she does look a little wiped now.  Maybe school life is exactly what she needed. 

One Response to “First day of school”

  1. Shermeen0621 Says:

    I’m glad that the school is doing everything they can to help and to make her feel comfortable. I’m sure she just wants to go back to being completely healthy and such a strong and aware girl she is. You must be very proud of her!

    I did not know about the biohazard risk, why is that? I guess I don’t know very much about Chemo.