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Back to School after Chemo Round 2

Ana made a great effort at going to school today. She made it a little over half the day today then she called it a day. I picked her up from school just after lunch after words she took a nice nap and felt much better.

Hopefully she should last the whole day Tuesday.

One Response to “Back to School after Chemo Round 2”

  1. grvaughan Says:

    Hi, I found out about Ana through Peter Jang’s blog. I hope she is making progress.

    I just thought I’d mention something that you’re probably already well aware of, but just in case you’re not – I don’t know if this would help her condition, but down here in Houston, M.D. Anderson has been advertising their new proton therapy center:

    These facilities are pretty rare and I suppose booked up once well-established, but since it is so new might be more available than any near Minnesota. Of course, like I mentioned I don’t know if it’s something for the type of tumor she’s battling, but they have been advertising it for brain tumors.

    Praying for Ana,