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The end of week update…

After coming home early Monday with the “Chemo Flu”, she finished out the week just fine.

Tomorrow she starts her last week on Dexamethasone!!! YEA, the dose has been low enough recently that her face has less of the full moon look that she has had for the last month.

Ana also made a strong statement this week that she was not having school pictures taken until she has her old cheeks back. So she’ll wait till retakes if she isn’t ready on the 26th for school pictures.

Look forward to some pictures of the family from Yellowstone this next week.  My mother and father in-law have wanted to get us out there for some time now and they’ve said it’s time.  It was a long hard summer and we need to get away for a bit.

Ana and Nissa are looking forward to seeing the animals and the Mountains. I think Nissa is more excited about getting more of her National Park Passport filled up, she’s only been showing it to me the last couple days 🙂 For those of you who don’t know what this program is… They have this childrens program where you get a stamp and sticker for different national parks and stations you visit.  Last summer they got a nice start with their visit to the Black Hills in South Dakota.

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  1. proxops-pete Says:

    Keep it you guys! 🙂 We are still here checking up on you all!