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How the other children around Ana have reacted to her tumor.

I’ve heard of two good stories related to Ana’s Brain Stem Tumor. This is as good a time as any to share them.

“Whats a Tumor?”
When Ana first called one of her friends about the tumor you can expect they were shocked that something was wrong with her. After all she still looked normal to them, not someone who was sick. So she got off the phone with the first friend who called another asking “whats a tumor? Ana has one!” Finding no answer to what a tumor was she called her mother at work saying “Ana has a brain tumor! What is it?”

– This is the reason why the Life Specialist is coming to Ana’s school to explaine what is going on with her body.

How some children try to express there feelings:
One of Nissa’s friends only slightly older than her about 10 years old. Told Nissa that she was going to call Extreme Makeover Home Editiion. Nissa, a very hardcore fan of both the show and host Tye Pennington. Got very instulted by this saying that our house is fine and then precided to rattle off other people that she knows that would be more worthy to be on the show first.

– What Nissa didn’t understand was that it was her friends way of showing that she cared and was worried about her, very sweet.

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  1. proxops-pete Says:

    That is sweet… about Nissa’s friend and EMHE… 🙂