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Duluth Clinic-SMDC You’re FIRED!!!

Oh what a headache they have been to deal with!

The Duluth Clinc is the place where we first went once we found out there was a problem beyond the care of our nomal doctor. Since going to Children’s Hosptial in St. Paul we have only been using the Duluth Clinic for CBC’s, Ana’s weekly blood counts.

So why am I saying they’re fired now if all they do/did now is her weekly blood counts? Well those counts are very important… They will show if she can go to school or not, and if her body can take another chemo treatment. These counts are very important and watched closely.

Anyways back to the to the events at hand… Since we’ve started our counts there have been major issues, from lost orders, lost results, and not to mention the latest issues of total incompitence. Where the results took 24 hours to process and then another 24 hours to get those results to our doctors office. Not to mention they had lost the fax number again that had been supplied to them in the orders sent from the doctors office and handed to them to be put in her chart from us.

Those 48hours are way to long to wait to make sure Ana is getting the care that she needs.

So SMDC YOUR FIRED!!! Starting next week were going to St. Lukes, which is also in Duluth to do the counts.

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