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Archive for September, 2006

The end of week update…

Saturday, September 16th, 2006

After coming home early Monday with the “Chemo Flu”, she finished out the week just fine.

Tomorrow she starts her last week on Dexamethasone!!! YEA, the dose has been low enough recently that her face has less of the full moon look that she has had for the last month.

Ana also made a strong statement this week that she was not having school pictures taken until she has her old cheeks back. So she’ll wait till retakes if she isn’t ready on the 26th for school pictures.

Look forward to some pictures of the family from Yellowstone this next week.  My mother and father in-law have wanted to get us out there for some time now and they’ve said it’s time.  It was a long hard summer and we need to get away for a bit.

Ana and Nissa are looking forward to seeing the animals and the Mountains. I think Nissa is more excited about getting more of her National Park Passport filled up, she’s only been showing it to me the last couple days :-) For those of you who don’t know what this program is… They have this childrens program where you get a stamp and sticker for different national parks and stations you visit.  Last summer they got a nice start with their visit to the Black Hills in South Dakota.

Back to School after Chemo Round 2

Tuesday, September 12th, 2006

Ana made a great effort at going to school today. She made it a little over half the day today then she called it a day. I picked her up from school just after lunch after words she took a nice nap and felt much better.

Hopefully she should last the whole day Tuesday.

Chemotherapy Round 2

Saturday, September 9th, 2006

Ana Getting ChemoInteresting visit to the clinic/hospital, we got to meet with the Social worker there and talked at length about a number of things. She was very amazed at how far we had gotten without speaking to her in the past. However one interesting came up that I was going to ask about anyways because of a suggestion made here was about was The Make a Wish Foundation. The guidelines have changed greatly, as it’s not just for terminally ill children any longer. So we filled out the application/information sheet on that and we should be hearing from them sometime in the near future.

Ana started thinking about her wish and first she started talking about just an autographed picture of Chad Kruger from Nickleback but we told her that she could think a little bigger. Then she started well maybe a dog, she went on about how she’s always wanted a dog like “Lady” from “Lady and the Tramp”, at that point I had to leave the room as I’ve been very firm footed on the fact that I do not want a dog. I grew up with lizards, snakes, large birds, cats and stuff. Never growing up while I was at home did we have a dog, so I’m not a dog person.

I’ll be showing her the Make a wish site later this weekend and she will have a better understanding of what’s possible when you have an organization that really works to make your wish possible.

Chemo BagAnother interesting program Ana was started on is the Beads of Courage. Basically how it works is for different events that happen over the course of her treatment she gets a bead to add to her string. For example she got a White bead for the chemotherapy, for her Port access she got a black bead with Silver lines on it and a blue bead for the clinic visit. She also got beads for all her past visits and therapies since this started, so her collection is impressive already.

From there her dose of antibiotic got raised from one pill every Monday and Tuesday to 2 pills on those days.

Then Doctor Mortel was going to get us a view from the latest MRI so I could show that to everyone, however something came up and he had to leave the building. So I’ll be sending a couple photos to the Life specialist and I’ll ask her to help me out and get me a copy of that MRI.