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What’s been happening…

Oh this last week has been exceptionally busy!

Thursday we had a trip down to Children’s Hospital to a Sleep Disorder Specialist. Ana has been having a horrible issue with making it though the day with enough energy. So the Doctor has us doing a chart of her sleeping habits until we meet again at Ana’s next chemo appointment Nov. 3rd.

Friday she stayed home from school again because she didn’t feel well.  After talking to her a while we found out she was having an issue with being constipated.  So then the light came on! Well if your not eating because your system is blocked up both of those things are going to make you feel nauseated.  So she’s now on a laxitive Glycolax (Miralax).  This should hopefully make her slow down on the use of Zofran.

Friday night we got a call from Make-a-wish, talking about one of our local high school “Central High School” has been doing a large donation drive for the foundation and was looking for a local child to support their wish. Currently Ana is there best bet based on age and wish.

Saturday we got in the mail news on the Make-A-Wish wish! Her wish was approved for the shopping trip to the Nintendo World Store. No date is set yet, I’ll keep you updated.  We are kind of thinking that the wish was granted because of the work being done by Central H.S. Now we just have to get her Nintendo DS Lite sent back and repaired before we go.  Her right hinge broke which makes the top screen/DS almost unusable.

One last thing… My family and I want to express a huge Thank You, with the donations that have come in though the site.  However we ask that you keep spreading the word and helping out.

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