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Children’s Hospital Boston’s Webcast of a Brain Tumor Surgery

These webcasts of surgeries must be really getting popular!  One of the local hospitals here in Duluth recently did one for knee replacements.  However when this link was mentioned it of course hit a little close to home!…/mainpageS1392P43.html

You need RealPlayer to watch the surgery however it’s well worth it, if your interested in this type of thing. I was shocked to see the percentage shown of the surgery it’self was not nearly as much as I would have thought… They spent a great deal of time talking about the room that they developed to do brain tumor resections.  At the same time I remember when we had the local knee webcast last week here in Duluth that the news had mentioned it was for marketing & education.

The major difference between this surgery shown in this webcast and Ana’a tumor is the location of the tumor.  The location of the tumor in the video located on the side of the head vs. the underside/brainstem in Ana.

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