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Ana’s Eye Sight

eye movement

October 13th eye appointment recap… 

Ana in early August could only do to 4, this last appointment she scored a 1!  The other thing the doctor noted is that her pupils are not being totally covered by her eye lids. We had mentioned that’s the case now most of the day until she gets tired.

Double Vision: After that we talked about doing Prisms for her glasses. She got these neatest things they’re 3Mâ„¢ Press-Onâ„¢ Prism, which apply like a window tint… Just a little water to make it stick and off you go, they’re removable so later when she needs a less powerful prism it can be removed without damaging the lens. The Prism strength is 4 up.

We’ll next see her eye doctor the week of New Years.

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