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Creative Billing *UPDATE* Resolved

On Tuesday I called around to pay some bills and to take care of issue I reported here on the 9th of October.  Since the new bill I got in the mail that day showed that it still hadn’t been take care of.  The customer service rep. was more than willing to help me out and get it squared away. A large load off my mind!

However later that afternoon, someone else from SMDC called to say they had seen the site!  My to my wife’s amazement she directed the person to call me since I’m dealing with the bills and this site.  To tell me the billing was not intentional and was being corrected.  They asked if there was anything else I could be helped with and I mentioned that I was upset by the 2 misdiagnoses of my child and the extreme wait times on the lab results of her CBC counts.  I also mentioned that I was upset about being billed a little over $400.00 for a 15 minute Consultation with another one of their doctors, who did no more or less than the other neurosurgeon we were regularly seeing.

Later that night after my wife and I were talking about it… We got to thinking about how did they come across the site? So I did what anyone might do I googled “duluth clinic smdc” to find that this site comes up 3rd in the rankings!

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