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The Chemo flu that just wouldn’t go away.

As of today Ana has still be unable to go to school because she couldn’t keep anything down.  It got to the point we had to bring her to the Urgent Care/ER.  They pumped her full of fluids again and give her Zofran via her Port.

This afternoon she looked pretty good and had her spunk back.  So hopefully after her radio appearance in the morning we’ll be dropping her off at school.

3 Responses to “The Chemo flu that just wouldn’t go away.”

  1. proxops-pete Says:

    Oh… 🙁 Please tell her that we still remember her… hope she gets over the Chemo flu…

  2. esiason14 Says:

    Best of luck to your family. I will be posting the link to your blog on my websites and sending a donation!

  3. P. Senarighi Says:

    Well the day after she went to school and has been over the chemo flu!