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New MRI and other odds & ends

We’ll were just like kids on the night before Christmas… There is a HUGE amount of excitement and nervousness about tomorrow’s MRI.  It’s going to be the first MRI since chemo started on August 8th. The scanis at 10:30 and we meet with the doctor at 2:30 to go over the films.

The cause for the stress has to do with we know/think she’s improving clinically. Her eyes and eyelids are moving and look better.  However this MRI will show if the chemo is being effective, holding growth or not doing anything at all.

What did you say, dad?
Ana’s last couple hearing tests is showing some high frequency hearing loss. Mostly due to the chemo drug used which like most chemo drugs causes hair loss.  The thing we have learned with the drug Ana uses it also can cause someone to loose the hair inside her ear.  So another thing learned is that the hairs in your ears help with your hearing.  Ana’s speech teacher at school wants her evaluated again from an educational view to see if it’s interrupting with her education.  For the last couple weeks we’ve noticed her breeze by people walking down the hall that try to talk to her at school. Also her interpretation of words is showing she’s having issues as well.  At this point we don’t think she’s getting a hearing aid but it’s very possible. 

The sites new look…
Sorry to those of you who popped in while I was tweaking the look of the site.  I tried a couple of other layouts and based on feedback I will continue to modify this layout.

One Response to “New MRI and other odds & ends”

  1. P. Senarighi Says:

    This came from a site reader who emailed me and I felt it important to post here to add this little tidbit as they looked into the topic of her hearing loss because of chemo.

    “Hair in your ear doesn’t “help” you hear, it’s the only way you hear. It’s the vibrations of the air over the hairs inside your ear that send the signals to the brain to compute the hair movement into “noise”.

    I never even thought about the fact that you would probably lose that hair as well. I learned something new from Compguy’s blog!”