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CBC counts, anemia and yet again why we left the Duluth Clinic

You’ll remember from a couple weeks ago when we talked about how long it took the other Major hospital/clinic in Duluth to get back on our weekly CBC counts… The results took 48 hours to be reported to us.

After todays CDB count we are very happy we fired that outfit. Because Ana’s Hemoglobin count fell hard!!! She has been in the normal range for her age group. Age 6-12 years: 11.5 to 15.5 g/dl (mean 13.5) I should mention that she has been very average keeping a steady 13.5.

Until today’s results where she dropped to 6.5, well below the danger range and will be needing a blood transfusion tomorrow.

So I have Sara freaking out at “how are we sure the blood is safe”, and the always fun “isn’t there another option?”. So being the supportive husband I told her to “KNOCK IT OFF your going to work yourself up over nothing”. Not to mention that Ana hid as best she could under her bed this afternoon when we found out the news. Then 10 year old Anneissa is trying to talk us into either letting her spend the night tonight at her friends house or drop her off there in the morning so we didn’t have to worry about her. I didn’t buy that for a moment and told her “no… the appointment is at 8am we’ll drop off mom and sister and then I’ll drive you to school the morning myself”. It was a mad house around here this afternoon!

The transfusion should take about 5 or so hours from what I’m told… and I’m not sure if the hour blood test to find out her blood type is factored into that estimate either.
Lastly, I have to admit I was rather impressed with how St. Luke’s handled the situation today… They didn’t bother calling us, they called Ana’s doctor at St. Paul’s Children’s first to find out what he wanted done for orders and then called us.

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