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No blood needed here…

Last time I posted I left everyone hanging about the upcoming transfusion.  Luckly we have a great doctor watching over Ana who ordered another CBC count before going futher than needed on the addititon of blood to her system.

The test taken Wednesday morning showed her hebaglobin count was at 7.9 low but not in the danger zone as the 6.5 was.  So with the different result he requested another count be done which came back at 7.9.  This kept her from needing to get the transfusion.

So what would make it change so much… Well with the port thats under her skin, they need to flush it first with saline before doing the blood draw.  Sometimes what can happen is they won’t take enough “waste”  in the first draw.  Making the draw they use for the test contaiminated and will give off lower test scores. 

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