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Sleeplab, grim news Ana is not alone

I’m in St. Paul tonight, Ana has a sleep lab tonight then a nap lab tomorrow. So lucky me I got the duty to bring her down, my wife had to work tonight and only one parent can stay anyways.  The drive took much longer than normal since we are in the middle of a rather nasty ice storm up north in Hermantown/Duluth.

Anyways, I ran into another family tonight as I was going out for a bit of “fresh air” and I strike up conversation with this other family walking out and I mentioned what we were in for… and they told me their 9 year old daughter has the same thing! At last we meet a family in real life going though the same issue. The talk went sad after that they mentioned that they got news earlier tonight that their daughter has been given only 2-3 weeks to live.  Same issue a brain stem tumor, same doctor (Mortel) and yet this 9 year old girl’s tumor has grown down though her spine and is overgrowing in her brain making whats left to fill with fluid. The mother is hoping she will get to a point where she’ll be able to bring her home for her last few days.

I asked about bringing Ana in to meet her, and she said that wouldn’t be a good idea since she isn’t breathing on her own and would scare even a healthy child. I nearly broke into tears there as I thought that could be my daughter I was talking about.

I then asked “how did you find out there was something up with your daughter?” Where this girl had been vomitting and had headaches every morning.  Which made me think that had I listened to the doctors at the Duluth Clinic, we might be in the same place as this family.  Where perhaps because we had caught it so soon and gotten the support from the Dr. Mortel to start chemo without waiting much longer, if that will save my daughter from the same fate.

After this chance encounter I a rush of mixed feelings, I still have them now as I consider which keys to push next. I feel blessed that my daughters tumor is shrinking and should not be in this terminal state. Then I have the greif I feel in the small encounter with this other family where which prayer do I do for them?

I called Sara and told her with a very heavy heart and with the relief that with how things look we will not be in the same spot.

Hopefully I’ll run into them again tomorrow and I can get the little girls name.

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