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Back from the sleeplab

Ana at the sleep labWell they set us free early Tuesday afternoon! Not making Ana do the last nap session, it had something to do with the fact that she didn’t nap the last 2 times prior to that. In the full head shot she looks like a Snork.

We did run into the mother I mentioned earlier and the twin brother of the girl. Please keep them in your thoughts on a peaceful passing of their sister/daughter. They were removing the resperator yesterday afternoon in hoping of bringing her home for the time she has left.

I asked her mother if there were any signs of her improving though the treatment. To see if were in an area of false hope… And from the sounds of it we should gave caught Ana’s tumor growth early enough to hopefully avoid the same fate. Be sure that I’ll be asking our doctor about this on Friday (Dec. 1st) at our next chemotherapy session.

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