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CBC counts, anemia and yet again why we left the Duluth Clinic

Tuesday, November 21st, 2006

You’ll remember from a couple weeks ago when we talked about how long it took the other Major hospital/clinic in Duluth to get back on our weekly CBC counts… The results took 48 hours to be reported to us.

After todays CDB count we are very happy we fired that outfit. Because Ana’s Hemoglobin count fell hard!!! She has been in the normal range for her age group. Age 6-12 years: 11.5 to 15.5 g/dl (mean 13.5) I should mention that she has been very average keeping a steady 13.5.


Taking the good with the bad…

Thursday, November 16th, 2006

Today while Sara was waiting for my return from the Radiology department with the MRI CD. She called her long time friend Jessica, who has been a breast cancer surviver for a year or two. To find out she now has a secondary cancer which is located in her bones.

Please include her in the same prayers that have helped Ana! She’s going though intense radiation treatment currently. Her current treatment plan is 7 days of radiation with 1 day off and doing that for 4 weeks which she now has a week left on.

The cancer is located in her skull and hip… It gave us a good explanation to Ana why her mole needs to be removed sooner than later.

This Girl is a Fighter!

Thursday, November 16th, 2006

Today we had Ana’s first MRI since chemo started in August. Like I said in my post before Sara and I were both nervous about todays scan and meeting after.

So what happen?
Of the three outcomes (growth, shrinkage, or maintenance), we have had significant shrinkage! The image quality on the CD’s they make are horrible however you’ll get the point. The presentation in the doctors office you could see the significance of the change in size in more detail.

What Now?
The treatment plan has now changed to where we should only have three chemotherapy sessions instead of eight more, another MRI, surgery to remove her port and mole on her cheek. Then annual or bi-annual MRI’s and hearing scans to see if her high frequency hearing comes back.

What did the mole do?before-and-after-mri_page_1.jpg
The mole is a bit of a sour subject with Ana… She likes her mole she says it’s furry and nice. I have a matching mole on the other cheek but hers has to go! To much of a chance of it becoming a secondary cancer some day.

Where are the screen shots already?
Here is a two page PDF file on the before and after MRI’s the “before” is from the Aug. 12 MRI and the after is the MRI today Nov. 15. before_and_after_mri.pdf
The first page is the side view and the second page is the rear view.