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Donations in all shapes and sizes.

Saturday, November 4th, 2006

In the last 2 months of running this site we have been blessed with your thoughts, prayers, and donations.

We’ve gotten donations from $0.25 to $500.00.

G6 & Passcard from
Which brings us to mention unexpected gift of a Nintendo DS g6/Passcard… It’s a flash card that allows you to play home brewed Game boy and DS games along with MP3’s, movies and even has a PDA option. She really does love it… We have found it most useful in the car and while at chemo. If your an owner of a Gameboy or DS I highly suggest checking this thing out. Ana’s came from and from the looks of it the 512mb is a good place to start but I think we need to look for a larger option as she gets rather upset with me on my not reloading new content fast enough. Dog gone 12 year old girls who love tech…!

Ana’s been adopted by
When I told Ana and Sara about this last night while Ana and I were swimming in the hotel pool the night before chemotherapy… I dropped the bomb that Fazle, owner of had emailed me asking if it was ok to choose Ana for this years “adopted kid”. So this weekends goal for us is to come up with what might be on the wish list we’ve been asked to write up… I think I might save myself some hassle by asking for a video ipod… it would streamline my issue of my size issue with the G6 mentioned above.

A small note about the smallest of donations
This is not a complataint however keep in mind that donations of a dollar or less really helps PayPal the most. That donation I mentioned above about the $0.25 donation… well the PayPal fee was $0.25 cents. This weekend we had a donation of $0.50 and PayPal took it’s share which was $0.38 cents.

Also remember you do not need to have or create a PayPal account to post a donation.

Chemo Round 4 Done…

Saturday, November 4th, 2006

It’s been a very long week… Two trips to St. Paul, Wednesday we had a GFR test, and today/Friday we had another round of Chemo Therapy.