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OH it’s been a busy week!

Chemo Flu Update
Doing the home healthcare IV fluids was a complete success!  Ana went the whole weekend with only vomiting once, which was last Saturday just shortly after lunch.

Life Specialist Presentation
On Wednesday the Life Specialist from Children’s Hospital came to Ana’s school and  did a presentation for Nissa’s classroom and the entire 6th grade class for Ana. The kids from both grades asked some great questions and Ana is becoming really good at self advocating!  She confidently answered all questions that her peers had.

Some of the questions the kids had…
Q. Why did we not recognize Ana at the beginning of the school year, because her face looked different?
A. Because of the steroid she was on it caused her to gain water weight and once she came off of that medication her face returned to it’s “normal” shape.

Q. When did Ana find out she had a tumor?
A. (Ana answered this one) “After I came back form Camp Miller I had a weird smile, lots of headaches, then  I started having double vision after that I went to the doctor.
Q. Is Ana wearing a wig right now?
A. (Ana answered this one, with some help) She told them that she has lost patches of hair which is why she wears a hat at school.  Then she went on about how in the bath or shower she’ll have some hair go fall out.  The Kristy talked about how not everyone looses their hair and some kids loose bits of it like Ana.

Q. Does Chemo Hurt?
A.  (Ana answered this one) No, it goes in though my port and then the day after I get sick, my dad calls it the “chemo flu” which helps to make it as fun as it can be. I try to eat but it’s hard to keep it down, so I need a drug that keeps me from throwing-up. I get tired and I sleep a lot and I stay at home.  Usually by Monday or Tuesday I feel fine again after having Chemo on Friday. I have Chemo on Friday because after I’m a biohazard. If I throw-up in that 2 days after chemotherapy my parents need to wear gloves to pick it up.

Q. How big is Ana’s Tumor?
A.  Ana’s tumor was about the size of a walnut it’s now the size of a pea.
I don’t remember the entire question but someone told a story of their aunt who had a mole removed that was cancerous.  Ana replied that once she’s done with chemo and before they take the port out they’ll be removing the mole on her face.  I have to say I was most shocked about her very candid answer on this because she’s 12 talking to her peers and she’s been showing a lot of acceptance on the fact that the mole has to be removed.

The kids in the 3 different groups seemed to all want to know how many kids have Brain Stem Tumors and Kristy answered that there are currently about 50 kids at the St. Paul office getting treated.  The kids thought this number was a lot until she mentioned that the numbers of people who have the flu or a cold at any given time.  Helped to put Ana’s situation in prospective nicely.

Ana Doesn’t know this yet…
Tomorrow at school (Friday the  8th) the school is putting on a program in Ana’s honor to do a “send off to New York”.  Since that’s where we’ll be next week for her Make-A-Wish trip. The 7th and 8th graders have made banners and they’ll have the school band to do a proper send off.  So we’ll go and watch at 9:30am.  Right now the best part is that Ana has no clue this happening!

One Response to “OH it’s been a busy week!”

  1. keeks Says:

    Wow! Sounds like fun with the surprise party and all 🙂 Good Luck in NYC Ana! Have fun… I cant wait to get a report back!! remeber to rest well, and dont over do it! take care!