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Giving thanks to Make-a-Wish and Key Club of Central High School, Ana in the News!

nyc-trip-day3-062.jpgFriday morning after getting back into town from our fabulous trip to New York we had an opportunity to have Ana say “thank you” to the Central H.S. Key Club.

Ana gave a very detailed story of her trip in front of a group of about 30-40 high school students. I was very impressed that a 12 year old had such confidence to do that. I hope it’s a skill she keeps, it’ll make public speaking an easy class as she gets older.

In attendance was a newspaper writer from the Duluth News Tribune. Much to our amazement it was the front page story on Saturday! Next to the Nintendo Wii controller recall story.

Direct link:  <-- Free login required to access PDF version of the story: ana-duluthnews.pdf
Ana was also in this weeks Hermantown Star (another local newspaper) for the send-off her school put on for her.

So it’s Sunday night I’m still jet lagged/wiped from the trip… I can’t tell you how many miles we walked in NYC.

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