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Make-a-Wish Trip Day 2

Ana's First PickOh Ana’s wish day couldn’t come fast enough for her! I think the drive from the hotel to the Nintendo World store was a little long for a girl so excited!. She very calmly and confidently told both Sara and I the ground rules for her shopping day… That we couldn’t tell her what she couldn’t buy. But then we had to remind her that she cannot play games that have an “M” rating and she was not buying any trading cards. The wish money she had to spend we wanted to go into items that would last her beyond a couple days or months. So with our combined rules established we arrived at the Nintendo Store.
Part of the nintendo MuseumDeep in thoughtShe got into the store and I thought she was going to bounce off the walls she was so excited!. After a full tour of the 2 story store Ana began shopping. The first thing she went for was the stuffed versions of all the top Mario characters. After that she got to business picking out games and other Nintendo gear. She picked up a number of games, a Gameboy Micro, Wii Controllers and Wii Channel points. They were out of Wii’s already for the day, the line starts at 8pm the night before and if your not there by 2am you are out of luck.

After 2 hours at the Nintendo Store, we made it over to the American Girl Doll Store. Where mRecovering in the Pokemon Centerunyc-trip-day2-015.jpgch to my amazement she bought a doll! Not all that out of the ordinary for a girl but Ana has some 80+ stuffed animals and she has never showed any interest in dolls. So being good parents we encouraged the purchase. This was the store Nissa’s had been waiting for. She brought her American Girl Doll and was hopping to get her hair done but the Doll Salon was a little busy. This store was 4 stories of doll stuff, not my idea of a fun time when it was shoulder to shoulder shopping within this packed store.

From there we wrapped up her shopping day at the Build-a-Bear Workshop. Where she felt she needed another stuffed animal… She picked a very nice monkey and a Statue of Liberty outfit to dress her new monkey “Coco”.

Ana and CocoNissa Shopping for American Girl accessories.After the trip to Rockefeller Plaza shopping we went back to the hotel to rest before dinner and our newly made plans to go back to the Plaza to shop more.

Dinner with JoeChristmas Tree in Rockefeller PlazaLater that evening we had a nice Italian dinner at a small restaurant on 37th and 8th Ave, the Southside Cafe. Well we getting there proved harder than I thought! I got the directions from Joe, my boss from Jupitermedia. Thinking I had understood the directions fairly well I didn’t feel the need to write them down… well I should have because we looked up and down 38th and lucky for myself Joe Lives near the restaurant and was able to go back home and text me to give directions once more.

I don’t beleive we got back to the hotel till nearly midnight and we had a great time.

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  1. proxops-pete Says:

    Yeah… glad she enjoyed the trip out to NYC! Merry Christmas!