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How does a wish or gifts help anyone…

Sunday, December 3rd, 2006

I’ve had some time to think about this after someone put me on the spot as the question has come up in people I’ve talked with or heard from. (more…)

Wish update and a night out…

Sunday, December 3rd, 2006

Make-A-Wish Travel Plans
On Saturday monring while we were waiting for UPS to drop off Ana’s Homecare kit, Fedex stopped by with Ana’s Make-a-Wish travel plans.  For those of you who don’t know about Ana’s wish to go to the Nintendo World store in NYC.  Oh is she excited! 

So we’ll be in NYC Dec. 12th-14th, the first day we’re going to the Empire State building and perhaps the American Girl Doll Store for Nissa.  Wednesday we are off to the Nintendo World store for Nintendo Wii and Gameboy DS games and gear. Other than dinner or lunch with Joe we don’t have anyother current plans for our last half day in the big apple. 

Getting out without the kids
Sara and I went out Saturday night normally not news worthy… but considering it was our first time out since the tumor entered our world in June, makes it worth sharing.  Sara made it very clear that if Ana wasn’t feeling well or was vomitting she was staying home.  Well as I mentioned before Ana had vomitted… while cleaning up Ana’s lunch she was telling Sara “mom please still go out, you and dad need too…” Which touched Sara enough to listen to Ana and we still went out.  Later that night Sara mentioned how fast she go ready, which was in record time.  So she must have been eggar to get out as well.  So what did we do? We went to a holiday party one of my clients was putting on. 

We had a most excellent time.  It was fun for Sara as she ran into more people she knew than I did outside of the employees and owner I normally deal with. Sure we were home by 10pm but for being out of practice the 2.5 hours we were out was enough to make us happy. Our thanks goes out to Ron and the crew at Alta Survey.

Another round of Chemotherapy in the bag…

Sunday, December 3rd, 2006

Friday we had another round of Chemotherapy, one of two this month because of the number of Fridays this December.  The other date this month is December 29th.

To hopefully keep her out of the Hospital this time we had Childrens leave her Port accessed and had Home Healthcare come and keep her on an IV solution of Saline and Zofran.  So she’ll say on that until Tuesday afternoon when she goes for her blood counts.

So far so good! She tossed her lunch Saturday shortly after being connected to the IV. I think it had more to do with what we feed her lunch vs. the Chemo flu.  Ana’s always been very sensitive to high acid foods.  So I’m sure the leftover lasaunga was not a good choice after chemo!  OOOPS bad dad…

We got the results from her sleeplab ealier in the week. Which we found out that she does not have distrupted sleep. So where does that leave us now??? Well the Sleep Disorder Specialist asked about starting her on Ritalin, which we have talked about before here on the site.  So far after day number 2 on Ritalin we haven’t notcied to much change, she seems a little more alert. Then again she’s taking it easy anyways since she’s teathered to this backpack with IV fluids and just came off Chemotherapy.

Right now the 2000ml bag lasts nearly 24hours she’s on a 85ml an hour push. Were hoping the school lets her go without an issue, I’m sure they won’t but ya never know.  Also the 9volt battery only lasts about 20 so before school we’ll have to swap batteries to make sure it doesn’t go out during school.