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Chemo Round 6 Done…!

We’ll we had chemotherapy on Friday, the home healthcare stuff was dropped off by UPS and I’m happy to report that this has been the first chemo weekend where Ana has not puked once!  What a relief… The weekend wasn’t without it’s up and down moments.

The drive to St. Paul was a little icy but not so bad at all…  We did forget Ana’s Glasses, she hasn’t been wearing them much because we’ve taken her at her word that she didn’t need them.

Her dose of Carboplatin was reduced from 350ml to 300ml.  At first we thought maybe it was because of the results of her GFR (on Wednesday)… but that wasn’t it. Then we found out it’s because Ana’s weight has gone down from her PEAK “on-steroids” weight of 78 pounds to her current 66-68 pounds.

After Chemotherapy on Friday Ana had to see her eye doctor.  She was positive outlook and mood turned sour once she found out her Eye Doctor wants her to wear her glasses full time even when reading or playing video games.  To say Ana was pissed was an understatement… Because she was convinced that the milestone of not needing her glasses was a sure sign of life returning to normal. After a nice talk with the doctor Ana felt a little better being told that she does indeed need glasses, even if the tumor is shrinking.

The other news is chemotherapy on January 26th but the BIG and better news is she has an MRI on February 7th and a clinic meeting with her health care team that day as well.

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