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Ana’s been fairly ill this week…

Ana’s only made it to one day of school this week and has orders to not even try tomorrow.  Yesterday (Wednesday the 10th) was the worst she had a temp of 102.4.  If she still has a temp tomorrow I’ll have to run her down to children’s for additional testing to see where the infection may be coming from. Todays temp was a bit more reasonable and controlled with Tylenol.
The Wednesday afternoon/night in the ER she had another chest xray and 2 blood draws for a new CBC count.  They loaded her up with Zofran, IV fluids and an antibiotic’s and sent her home. Since the hospital is the last place she should be with the number of infections and other germs running around there.

She was rather funny at the ER once she was feeling better after the fluids… She was asking to leave she did not want to be there.  She also kept all the nurses and doctors up on what they needed to know to care for her.  She even told them the size needle used for accessing her port installed in her Chest to give her fluids.  She did get rather upset at the blood draw from her arm.  She quickly tried to stop them by saying that’s what she has the port for.  Then she got torqued off because Doctor Mortel ordered the arm draw to ensure the CBC counts were the same between the blood taken from her  port and the arm.

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