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Ana’s Getting Blood Today…

Well after the near miss we had lasttime I decided I’d just not post about this until it was here.

Yesterday at Ana’s weekly blood count we were asked to hang out just incase they had another case of a child who had a CBC count that needed it rechecked and they hadn’t reached them until it they drove home over an hour and had to come back for a 2nd test.  So for the time being for the kids getting CBC’s are going to be asked to wait.  Plus I had no issue after last week in the  ER last week and her blood counts were already down from the day before and got the dose Antibiotic (Fortaz).

So hopefully this will give her a bit more energy again and her proper coloring back… This morning she didn’t look so good.

Nissa was pretty worried about her so we let her take the day off from school to go with Ana.

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