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Post Blood Transfusion


Well Wednesday afternoon Ana did very well after the infusion of new blood. She had a bit of spunk back and her color returned to normal. The next day she tried to go back to school however it just proved to much for her and she came home shortly after being there nearly an hour. Thankfully the girls both had Friday off from school so it gave her an extra day to get back to normal.From what were told she can have possible side-effects for a couple weeks. So hopefully we won’t see any of those pop-up anytime soon.

Beyond that this was the first weekend since before Christmas that almost seemed normal. Today Ana had some friends from school stop by and they played the Wii for a couple hours making Mii’s of people in school. The things that 12 year olds find fun. I hid downstairs in my office shredding paper, looking rather busy. When Sara asked if I got a lot of work done, I replied with “Heck no I was keeping myself out of the girls way”.

I also wanted to say thank you to everyone who made donations over the weekend… It means a lot!

(The photo was taken when I picked up the girls from the Cancer center at St. Lukes.)

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