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Chemo Round 6 Done…!

Monday, January 1st, 2007

We’ll we had chemotherapy on Friday, the home healthcare stuff was dropped off by UPS and I’m happy to report that this has been the first chemo weekend where Ana has not puked once!  What a relief… The weekend wasn’t without it’s up and down moments.

The drive to St. Paul was a little icy but not so bad at all…  We did forget Ana’s Glasses, she hasn’t been wearing them much because we’ve taken her at her word that she didn’t need them.

Her dose of Carboplatin was reduced from 350ml to 300ml.  At first we thought maybe it was because of the results of her GFR (on Wednesday)… but that wasn’t it. Then we found out it’s because Ana’s weight has gone down from her PEAK “on-steroids” weight of 78 pounds to her current 66-68 pounds.

After Chemotherapy on Friday Ana had to see her eye doctor.  She was positive outlook and mood turned sour once she found out her Eye Doctor wants her to wear her glasses full time even when reading or playing video games.  To say Ana was pissed was an understatement… Because she was convinced that the milestone of not needing her glasses was a sure sign of life returning to normal. After a nice talk with the doctor Ana felt a little better being told that she does indeed need glasses, even if the tumor is shrinking.

The other news is chemotherapy on January 26th but the BIG and better news is she has an MRI on February 7th and a clinic meeting with her health care team that day as well.

Surviving Christmas

Monday, January 1st, 2007

Cold Stone Creamery and Ana in the news
Ana on the local news. The first person shown is Nick, he’s part of the Central High School Key Club and he has made it his personal mission to get the Make-A-Wish foundation more popular in our area. He was also a wish recipient a couple of years ago.

The news clip was shot at the local Cold Stone Creamery, they were instrumental in raising funds for her Make-A-Wish trip to NYC. They hosted an ice cream social in October to raise funds for a local child’s wish. At that time it was unknown who the wish child would be.

Coldstone Christmas PartyColdstone Christmas PartyColdstone Christmas PartyColdstone Christmas PartyColdstone Christmas Party

I want to give a huge thank you to the owners of the Cold Stone Creamery for the party and gifts given to the girls! They picked up a number of outfits and a really awesome pop-up book. The party took place the Wednesday before Christmas.

Some time ago I mentioned a site that was adopting Ana for the holidays! Well they came though on filling Ana’s Christmas list. Getting her and her sister both Ipods and heelys, Ana 2 seasons of her favorite Anime tv show Inuyasha, a necklace warn on the show and logoed bag. Nissa a couple movies and other treasures. Along with Ana’s favorite item the Robosapien V2 which she has named “Steve”. This was a truly awesome show of kindness from the community at If your a person who likes online forums/communities I highly suggest checking them out.

Christmas PhotoChristmas Photo Christmas PhotoChristmas PhotoChristmas Photo

So Sara and I would like to thank everyone who helped with making this a Christmas to remember!
Without your wonderful kindness Christmas would have not been so bright!