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Blood Counts… and only a week till Chemo again.

Ana’s had a rough week!  Tuesday (Feb.13th) her platelets were down to 20K but her Hebagolbin was at 8.6, so Dr. Mortel ordered another count for Friday. Because her Platelets need to be at 100K to get chemo again.  So ofcourse we ask the question what can we do to help this number go up.  We found out there isn’t much you can do in the way of doing something to make these platelets go up.

The platelets in your blood is what keeps you from bleeding to death if you get a cut.  Tuesday after the count it took a while for the bleeding to stop from the area around her port.   She’s also been brusing very easily from having a low platelet count, another common side effect.

So Friday came and we went in for another count and thankfully her platelets jumped up to 52K!  So in about 3 days she gained 32K in platelets.  The downside was that her hemoglobin dropped to 7.2!  So we have to go back tomorrow for another count to see where that numbers at.  If it’s at the same level or lower she’ll need another blood transfusion.  So it’s been a pretty low key weekend here to help her rest and help her body do what it needs to get over this. She should also get a good amount of rest this week as the girls have a week off of school this week. Sara and I are already ready to send Anneissa back to school!
Wednesday she has another GFR test to see how her kidneys are doing and if her Carboplatin (chemo drug) needs to be adjusted.  So far those counts have been good in the past.  But Ana seems to be one of those patients who seem to get the best and worst side effects of these drugs.

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