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What happen to the Google ads???

Some of you may notice the ads gone from the top of the page and the side bar…
Someone last week went nuts clicking on the ads and got this site banned from the adsense program.

Am I upset? Yes and no… it was a convent way to earn a little bit of money while helping out the advertisers.  Just because I had 2 spots with ads didn’t mean we were racking in the revenue.  In the 4-5 months we had their ads on the site it generated about $20 a month.
Can I get the ads back?
For good reason Google is very heavy handed about this topic… Much of their fortune is based on advertising and it must be kept “pure” from tamppering. However, I expect I’ll go though the appeal process but I’m so short on time this week with the kids home from school, work and 2x trips to St. Paul for her I doubt we’ll see the ads back anytime soon or at all.

So please keep those donations coming! PayPal is a safe and convenient way to help!
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