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Tomorrow is MRI #4 (Wednesday Feb. 7th)

Tuesday, February 6th, 2007

Well the last couple weeks have gone rather well. I’ve been very very busy. However, Ana’s been in great spirits and healthy since the blood transfusion.

We’re all excited about the scan tomorrow. Sara and I are ready for whatever news comes out of this MRI and clinic visit.

Ana is convinced that she’s done with chemo and this whole episode of her life… We’ll she did get a tad upset that she still has a couple sessions of chemo even if the tumor is gone or nearly gone.

On another note… I had to see the doctor last week and Ana was home because it was just a couple days after chemo.  So I brought her with to get her out of the house and after about 20minutes our primary doctor looked at her notes and says “OH sorry Peter this is your appointment.”  She was rather wrapped up in getting a full update from Ana on her treatment.

She has this thing about making a real impact on the people she meets…