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How have things been?

Ana’s been great lately.  We had Chemotherapy on the 26th and her GFR test on the 24th.  We may need to do another GFR test this month we haven’t heard yet if we will be or not. The results from the test we just had is that her kidney function is just on the borderline of normal and below normal.

Her blood counts before chemo were great! I’m hoping tomorrows counts go well too.
She went back on her steroids after chemo for 5 days and that was nice to see her actually want to eat after chemo! Even though we did find out that she only likes foods that are white or light in color, soft foods like mashed potato’s and Chocolate.

Other than that she’s on a new stimulant to keep her going though the day, heck she’s had a lot of time off lately with winter break, time off of school from chemo and the blizzard we had last week.  One of the days she slept in till 2pm, so she didn’t take the stimulant as I didn’t want her up till 3am and she was ready to go back to bed by 8pm that night! And she’s not an active girl, she spent the day watching TV and not much else.

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