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Ana the bounce back girl… just in time for Chemo again.

We’ll things have been a complete repeat of last month… One day she’s down LOW LOW low on her blood counts then a couple days later there back to decent levels.

At the moment she has staff at both Childrens Hospital and St. Lukes confused as to how she does it.  Normally when those Hemoglobin numbers start getting into the low to mid 7’s they keep going down and you get into  spot where she was in January needing blood.  So everyone was reading the paperwork for another transfusion this last week and amazingly her counts jumped back into the Mid range for being “ok” which was 8.6 on her hemoglobin counts and her platelets went from 62 thousand to 120 thousand or so.  And the second count where they went up were counted by hand which I guess is much more accurate than the computerized method.

The tooth fairy’s gonna cost me…

Needing this second count this week nearly made her miss another dentist appointment which she was suppose to have last month but her platelets were to low… The risk of bleeding while at the dentist was to great.  But Children’s has been pushing us to get her looked at by a dentist because of what the chemo drug she’s on does to teeth. So they told us to get a light cleaning above the gums and exam. Which went fine… Other than about 7 teeth that need to come out she’s in good shape.  Those teeth are baby’s that are being broken by the incoming adult teeth.  Which the dentist would have been more than happy to take out IF her platelets were in a more normal range.

More extra tests…kinda.

last Month Ana had her bi-monthly GFR test which measures kidney function and last month she was just at the low end of normal so Wednesday we have to do another test this month…  Which means a couple days in the Twin Cities again.  We wont find out the results of this test till Friday.

Lastly for today…

When Ana was asked by the nurse who took her blood on Friday for the CBC count at how her counts go back up they way they do… Ana Replied “it’s the 2 bags of microwave popcorn I eat every day”

BTW, She would eat 3 if we let her…

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