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Chemo and the kidney’s

I spoke before how we almost felt we were on automatic for dealing with chemo and what was Instore for dealing with everything.

Last week at chemo we found out that Ana’s kidney function had gone down even further.

So her dose of carboplatin was cut in half. It’s also enough of an issue that her fluid intake needs to be doubled. The hope is there be no long term damage to her kidney’s.

At this point we’re just pushing water like crazy and Ana is upset that she can’t drink pop except in smaller amounts.

We have chemo again April 20th and 2 days before that another kidney (GFR) test. In the mail today we got the date of her next MRI & clinic visit.

Thank you for your thoughts and prayers!


One Response to “Chemo and the kidney’s”

  1. proxops-pete Says:

    Oh… sorry to hear that. How is she doing now? Better?