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Ana’s Birthday is today!

Well Ana turned 13 today!  A very excited little lady, finally a teenager.  Watching her grow as a person over the last year has been amazing…  Looking for those things that makes all girls “teenager” and those she chooses not to bother with it’s really cute!  

I’m told she’s too much like me as everything she wanted for her b-day could have been found at Best Buy! 

Things have been pretty quite around here lately. The last chemo went well she was more than willing to carry that bag of fluids around for 3 days afterwords.  Now hopefully with her MRI on Aug. 29th everything will go as planned.  The plan being that the tumor stays as it has been for the last 8 months about the size of a pea.  Some time ago Sara and I accepted that it’s not likely to be completely gone.  

Today we aren’t even worrying about scar tissue or tumor and MRI’s.  

I would also like to send out a huge thank you to those of you who donated the last week or so… the account has gotten a little low and your thought was a welcomed addition. 

4 Responses to “Ana’s Birthday is today!”

  1. Ironbender Says:

    Well, I’m a little late on this, but I’m happy that Ana is going better.
    All my best wishes to the little lady. 🙂


  2. proxops-pete Says:

    Happy belated birthday! 🙂 Onto the last MRI!!

  3. gnsingh Says:

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  4. gnsingh Says:

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