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Ana hasn’t grown in the last year but she sure has changed!

After my posting last week I had nearly forgot how much I enjoy posting on the site! It also made me think I haven’t posted any photos recently. SO here are some photos to help catch everyone up. I’ll have to redo the header for the site soon as she really doesn’t look like that anymore. People that know Ana and missed that time, don’t believe that she was actually chunky once because of the steroids.

Ana Fall photos 06 & 07the left side was Fall of ’07 and the photo on the right was taken in the fall of ’06

The last of the Tooth-Fairy
Ana Had 7 teeth pulled last month… Amazingly she lost no hair or teeth over the last year while on chemo. Teeth aren’t something people generally loose while on chemo but to be 13 and still have a good number of baby teeth isn’t common either.

img00034.jpgThose baby teeth gotta go!After the dentist

Downtime while down for appointments.
Since St. Paul Children’s isn’t far from the Mall of America we find ourselves there to relax quite often.

Ana and Nissa after libby lu Ana and Grandma img00059.jpg

Ana the Boxer?
Ana has found a most unsual passion… the sport of Boxing? She got the ok from the doctor but no head shots. Unfortunately we don’t have a good and regular afternoon we can get her to lessions. Hopefully after the holiday’s we can get a regular day down. But the owner of the Gym did give her a punching bag and gloves for her birthday and she practices on that.

Ana Boxing with Chuck Horton Ana Boxing with Chuck HortonAna Boxing with Chuck HortonAna Boxing with Chuck Horton

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