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Another Growth test, Appointments and Surgry this week.

So the meeting with Doctor Mortel that week of Thanksgiving… went very well.  Ana did talk to him just as we thought she would the vision issues. He noticed that she was looking off to the left in her left eye more than should be, enough to be causing the double vision issues. So the outcome of that visit was that we’d start seeing the other doctors in her team to help figure out what are our options for correcting her vision or making adaptations.

Sunday we started a test that will see if she needs hormone replacement therapy.   The test is an IGF-1, we get the blood draw on Thursday and I’m not sure the time line for the test results.

Wednesday the 12th, we have the appointments with the new doctor team at the University of Minnesota… We’re looking forward to meeting with them.

Thursday is the big day… Ana get’s her port removed and she is also having the mole on her face taken off as well. I’ll be sure to post photos of before and after

We are having a number of car issues so any additional help would be great!

4 Responses to “Another Growth test, Appointments and Surgry this week.”

  1. nema Says:

    Out of curiosity, was Ana not an ideal candidate for Cyberknife treatment?

  2. P. Senarighi Says:

    Well in a posting I made about a year ago I mention the Cyberknife… and at this point no, in someone so young it could cause brain damage. When she’s in her late 20’s if it’s still an issue then she would indeed be ideal.

  3. Ronduck Says:

    Have you heard of the story of leutrile? G Edward Griffin wrote a book about how this could cure cancer. I know this sounds like a crackpot post, but it is worth looking into. I’m praying for you.

  4. Sun Says:

    I really hope Ana will get better soon. It must be very hard for you guys to cope with all that. I know you need donations, but this site might not be “popular” enough and I’m sure there is a lot of people that would like to help if they knew about your situation.
    My suggestions is to set up an account for Ana and donations for her on popular sites like Facebook ( and Myspace. ( I think that would be helpful.
    Good luck with everything.