Cialis online – Desktop Calendar 2008 CalendarThe crew at one of the wonderful online forums have worked months putting together this project to help raise money for us!  So far they’ve sent about $500.00!

This  is a group that was touched enough by our story to band together to create a group that would create different projects to help out causes/families like our own. 

So for whatever a span of time they’ll be donating the profits of these Calendars to us. This is their first project and I’d like to see it succed and lead to bigger and better things for each of the 46 designers who worked on this project!

The Cost is $15.00 each and you can really tell most had a special thought when designing there page. <- buy one today!

A special thanks goes out to for allowing this to happen! The support from the Online communities has been nothing less than amazing! May traffic shine on your sites :)

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