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Spring is in the air!

My little girl(s) have boys that like them!!! It’s been a tough couple weeks for Sara and I on the normal growing up stuff.

Nissa got card from a boy in the mail talking about how he has liked her since last year and he wrote her a poem based on the roses are red theme.  Nissa being the smart little whip that she is figured it out in 2 seconds flat… called him said thanks and the typical “see ya tomorrow at school”.

Then Ana yesterday came home talking about something similar… about how last week she got a candygram form a boy at school but didn’t put his name.  So we left it at that, she didn’t bring the tag and tossed it in the trash at school, typical forgetful Ana stuff.  But anyways back to yesterday, she said a couple girls told her that BoyX likes her and she turned around and here was this boy waving to her! So she waived back, turned around and went about her afternoon.  Then in her telling this story she’s says “I’m not ready for a boyfriend yet am I?”  I was in my office so Sara came down to tell me the story and she told me “I CAN’T HANDLE THIS ALREADY; I don’t want my babies to grow up.”

So the next couple days will continue to be interesting as Ana looks to find out more about this boy does not know. I have day dreams of her on a date seeing a movie expecting the boy to get his own popcorn…

On another growth note… one of my daughters got her first period 2 weeks ago… that was a desiaster as the other one was totally pissed off, grumbling “I’m never going to frick’n grow, I’m never going to get my frick’n period and this frick’n sucks”. So Nissa is reading Are You There God? It’s Me, Margaret , by Judy Blume and once she’s done we’ll have Ana read it. The girls have already had “the Talk” and “the Movie” and we had a kit put together for when this day finnally came along.

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