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This is an outlet for myself Andriana’s father to journal, update friends, family and the people who have us in their prayers. Most of what’s posted on the site will be from “my prospective”. I’m a graphic designer/PC tech and not a doctor so expect that if you or your child has a brain tumor like Ana does you would find a doctor you can trust to handle your child’s care.
Donations would be very welcome to help cover Ana’s ongoing medical needs.

No child should have to deal with this however as wishful as that sounds it’s a fact that Ana is just one of hundreds of children each year who have a brain tumor. She is also only 1 of over a thousand children being seen in the oncology office at St. Paul’s Children’s hospital.

If PayPal is not for you and you’d like to help our mailing address is below.
Ana Senarighi
4750 Berkeley Road
Hermantown, MN 55811

Please make checks payable to either Sara or Peter Senarighi

Emails can be sent to (Remove the _ from the email address)

If you or your church add Ana to a Prayer list please let us know with an email. We would like to know to be able to send an email to someone within that group to give them updates on her progress as they happen.