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Hows Ana and the Family been…

Monday, December 8th, 2008

Ana’s been doing great over the last couple months… She’s really putting in a lot of effort this year at school, the 8th grade is a huge year. She’s on a pass/no-pass based on a recommendation from an evaluation she had last spring and from the teachers impression of how she was reacting to having a normal workload this year.

This fall she has a new set of hearing aids the lingering side effect of the chemotherapy she was on hasn’t resolved itself and from the reading we’ve done it may not go back to “normal”.  She’s adjusting to the use of them, however getting her to use them at home is a Ana & Nissabit of an issue as she really just wants to keep them in use while at school.

As I logged in today I noticed 3 different posts I was working on before but never finished or published… Most of it talks about her different appointments she’s had since the Spring/Summer.  I’ll go though and edit and post those later.  I’m mentioning these now because there are a couple of topics I’m going to get into where those posts would be helpful. ie growth hormone, MRI’s and general overall health.

Ana’s always been at the lower end of the growth scale since we can remember… however the tumor tossed an extra roadblock in the way recently.  So when the idea of putting her on growth hormone was an interesting and difficult choice.  But we forged ahead because she wanted nothing more than to grow and to not have another something of her life stolen by the tumor.  So she started in April on the shots and has only missed one shot to date… and she’s growing! Not by leaps and bounds, but she’s growing… where she did no growth at all from 2006 to this spring. Where a normal 12-14 year old would grow a ton.  She’s on track for growing 3 inches from July 08 to July 09, but I think with the recent spurt she might go a little more 🙂 She is having a slight issue with her right pinky finger where the tendons and muscles aren’t caught up yet and she has a slight bend in that last nuckle.  It doesn’t hurt to move it straight but she is going to be starting some PT next week to get it looked at and managed.

The Tumoris doing great as we can expect for still being there… but with it not growing and remaining stable she’s got the green light to a year without another MRI.  Every-time she has a headache or has a bad day we wonder if that wait till next summer is the wisest of ideas but we have our faith in the medical team and go with there recommendations.

Ana does have days where she gets tired more easily than others and has a hard time controlling her ever present double vision. (normally she controls it with the tilt of her head)  She had one of those days a week or so ago but to help that were trying go get the 14year old to bed earlier, not such an easy thing to get done 🙂

After the Jump I have an update on how the rest of the family is doing and some photos of Ana, Nissa and Ana’s dog Carson.


Spring is in the air!

Wednesday, February 20th, 2008

My little girl(s) have boys that like them!!! It’s been a tough couple weeks for Sara and I on the normal growing up stuff.

Nissa got card from a boy in the mail talking about how he has liked her since last year and he wrote her a poem based on the roses are red theme.  Nissa being the smart little whip that she is figured it out in 2 seconds flat… called him said thanks and the typical “see ya tomorrow at school”.

Then Ana yesterday came home talking about something similar… about how last week she got a candygram form a boy at school but didn’t put his name.  So we left it at that, she didn’t bring the tag and tossed it in the trash at school, typical forgetful Ana stuff.  But anyways back to yesterday, she said a couple girls told her that BoyX likes her and she turned around and here was this boy waving to her! So she waived back, turned around and went about her afternoon.  Then in her telling this story she’s says “I’m not ready for a boyfriend yet am I?”  I was in my office so Sara came down to tell me the story and she told me “I CAN’T HANDLE THIS ALREADY; I don’t want my babies to grow up.”

So the next couple days will continue to be interesting as Ana looks to find out more about this boy does not know. I have day dreams of her on a date seeing a movie expecting the boy to get his own popcorn…

On another growth note… one of my daughters got her first period 2 weeks ago… that was a desiaster as the other one was totally pissed off, grumbling “I’m never going to frick’n grow, I’m never going to get my frick’n period and this frick’n sucks”. So Nissa is reading Are You There God? It’s Me, Margaret , by Judy Blume and once she’s done we’ll have Ana read it. The girls have already had “the Talk” and “the Movie” and we had a kit put together for when this day finnally came along.

Ana hasn’t grown in the last year but she sure has changed!

Monday, November 19th, 2007

After my posting last week I had nearly forgot how much I enjoy posting on the site! It also made me think I haven’t posted any photos recently. SO here are some photos to help catch everyone up. I’ll have to redo the header for the site soon as she really doesn’t look like that anymore. People that know Ana and missed that time, don’t believe that she was actually chunky once because of the steroids.

Ana Fall photos 06 & 07the left side was Fall of ’07 and the photo on the right was taken in the fall of ’06

The last of the Tooth-Fairy
Ana Had 7 teeth pulled last month… Amazingly she lost no hair or teeth over the last year while on chemo. Teeth aren’t something people generally loose while on chemo but to be 13 and still have a good number of baby teeth isn’t common either.

img00034.jpgThose baby teeth gotta go!After the dentist

Downtime while down for appointments.
Since St. Paul Children’s isn’t far from the Mall of America we find ourselves there to relax quite often.

Ana and Nissa after libby lu Ana and Grandma img00059.jpg

Ana the Boxer?
Ana has found a most unsual passion… the sport of Boxing? She got the ok from the doctor but no head shots. Unfortunately we don’t have a good and regular afternoon we can get her to lessions. Hopefully after the holiday’s we can get a regular day down. But the owner of the Gym did give her a punching bag and gloves for her birthday and she practices on that.

Ana Boxing with Chuck Horton Ana Boxing with Chuck HortonAna Boxing with Chuck HortonAna Boxing with Chuck Horton