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Question of the day… How’s Ana doing?

Thursday, November 15th, 2007

She’s going GREAT overall!  Since I’ve last written she’s had 2 more MRI’s neither have showed any sign of growth and the area around the tumor is looking good as well.  The tumor is now considered “stable”, I guess we don’t use the word remission any longer, it’s not PC. 

But I mentioned overall, so that of course means there are things not going so well. Tonight I’m writing from St. Paul she has test tomorrow to check her pituitary gland.  Since it’s near where the tumor was and she hasn’t gown at all in the last year there is some concern that it may not be working any longer.  For the test they’ll give her a solution that will lower her blood pressure and blood sugar, which should activate the gland into production. So were crossing our fingers on that… 

Next week we are heading down to the Twin Cities again to meet with Dr. Moertel. We haven’t seen him since March or so… He left Children’s to work for the University of Minnesota, and his non-compete is over, so we are looking forward to our visit with him next week. 

Our goal is that he’ll hopefully shed some light on Ana’s ongoing double vision.  Something that’s still a thorn in her side, and were not getting answers on from the staff that have taken over since his absence.  She has a lot of trust in him and hopefully she’s going to talk to him a little more than us about her vision issues.

I’ll find time to post more about what’s been going on at home soon… I promise a bit more regularity, it’s just hard with trying to get my workload done the thought of sitting at the computer for anything that I can’t bill for is a hard.

Ana’s Birthday is today!

Friday, July 27th, 2007

Well Ana turned 13 today!  A very excited little lady, finally a teenager.  Watching her grow as a person over the last year has been amazing…  Looking for those things that makes all girls “teenager” and those she chooses not to bother with it’s really cute!  

I’m told she’s too much like me as everything she wanted for her b-day could have been found at Best Buy! 

Things have been pretty quite around here lately. The last chemo went well she was more than willing to carry that bag of fluids around for 3 days afterwords.  Now hopefully with her MRI on Aug. 29th everything will go as planned.  The plan being that the tumor stays as it has been for the last 8 months about the size of a pea.  Some time ago Sara and I accepted that it’s not likely to be completely gone.  

Today we aren’t even worrying about scar tissue or tumor and MRI’s.  

I would also like to send out a huge thank you to those of you who donated the last week or so… the account has gotten a little low and your thought was a welcomed addition. 

Ana’s Last Chemo is on Friday the 13th…

Saturday, July 7th, 2007

Sorry for the lack of updates.

Ana’s enjoying her summer vacation sleeping in till noon 🙂 Her blood counts have been great lately and her kidney function has gone back up from where it was in March.

The worry some issue for Sara and I is that with her last chemo coming up our security blanket is going away. At this point we know the chemo is keeping the tumor from growing, and the mass that’s still in the MRI’s it’s unknown if it’s scar tissue or the last bit of the tumor that’s being resistant to treatment. The time between her August MRI and her November MRI is going to be a tough wait through. As of her last MRI in May it’s “stable”, it hasn’t grown or shrunk anymore for a while. However after the chemo cycle is over it could grow again if it’s anything other than scar tissue. 

She still has some intermittent double vision issues, hopefully we’ll find out more about that on Friday or when we have the next team clinic (which should be in early august with her next MRI).

I’ll come back next weekend with the latest in what the next couple months will be looking like for us…

On a side note Ana will be 13 this month on the 27th, so I’m thinking the date of chemo is golden.