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Hows Ana and the Family been…

Monday, December 8th, 2008

Ana’s been doing great over the last couple months… She’s really putting in a lot of effort this year at school, the 8th grade is a huge year. She’s on a pass/no-pass based on a recommendation from an evaluation she had last spring and from the teachers impression of how she was reacting to having a normal workload this year. 

This fall she has a new set of hearing aids the lingering side effect of the chemotherapy she was on hasn’t resolved itself and from the reading we’ve done it may not go back to “normal”.  She’s adjusting to the use of them, however getting her to use them at home is a Ana & Nissabit of an issue as she really just wants to keep them in use while at school.

As I logged in today I noticed 3 different posts I was working on before but never finished or published… Most of it talks about her different appointments she’s had since the Spring/Summer.  I’ll go though and edit and post those later.  I’m mentioning these now because there are a couple of topics I’m going to get into where those posts would be helpful. ie growth hormone, MRI’s and general overall health.

Ana’s always been at the lower end of the growth scale since we can remember… however the tumor tossed an extra roadblock in the way recently.  So when the idea of putting her on growth hormone was an interesting and difficult choice.  But we forged ahead because she wanted nothing more than to grow and to not have another something of her life stolen by the tumor.  So she started in April on the shots and has only missed one shot to date… and she’s growing! Not by leaps and bounds, but she’s growing… where she did no growth at all from 2006 to this spring. Where a normal 12-14 year old would grow a ton.  She’s on track for growing 3 inches from July 08 to July 09, but I think with the recent spurt she might go a little more :-) She is having a slight issue with her right pinky finger where the tendons and muscles aren’t caught up yet and she has a slight bend in that last nuckle.  It doesn’t hurt to move it straight but she is going to be starting some PT next week to get it looked at and managed.

The Tumoris doing great as we can expect for still being there… but with it not growing and remaining stable she’s got the green light to a year without another MRI.  Every-time she has a headache or has a bad day we wonder if that wait till next summer is the wisest of ideas but we have our faith in the medical team and go with there recommendations.

Ana does have days where she gets tired more easily than others and has a hard time controlling her ever present double vision. (normally she controls it with the tilt of her head)  She had one of those days a week or so ago but to help that were trying go get the 14year old to bed earlier, not such an easy thing to get done :-)

After the Jump I have an update on how the rest of the family is doing and some photos of Ana, Nissa and Ana’s dog Carson.


Meds and Notes

Wednesday, February 20th, 2008

Not really sure where to start… Ana is doing well she has been on and off sick recently… each time she comes down with a cold she ends up being home for a week or so.  Her immune system isn’t quite up to snuff yet.  Her scar is nearly healed so she’ll let me post something once it’s not so pink… she has been great since the bandage for her mole removal came off but you can tell she’s still getting used to it.

We also met with a school vision specialist last month.  She was very impressed with our little girl, she did a great job of advocating for herself and was able to explain with great detail what her issues were. The plan is to get her to touch type so at somepoint we can get her an ultra portable laptop and she can take and do her homework on that.  today she had due a “wellness plan” for a class and I doubt I could have gotten away with that little she had.  But in the paragraph or 2 she would have a on page you could see where her eye’s would just give out and it was increasingly difficult to write more.  SO the idea is to have her on one machine that would work well for her.  Something useful for small hands and good battery life.
The other modifications have been working well… she does math homework sheets on 11x17inch paper! Vs. the standard 8.5×11 that would normally be used.  Most kids would have a couple issues with using something so different from their classmates but for whatever reason she just goes with it.  IN another post I’ll explain more of what’s going on with her eye sight and catch everyone up…

It looks like Ana will be starting Growth Hormones, so long as her Next MRI turns out well. She was really disappointed when she found that out… She wanted to start a while ago.  She wants and is ready to grow… All the test show that her body is producing what it needs it’s just not making it to the areas where it’s used.  So were going to see if an artificial source works.  Anniessa currently has a couple inches on her older sister.

If you’d like to read about the money issues follow the jump… (more…)

Creative Billing *UPDATE* Resolved

Monday, November 6th, 2006

On Tuesday I called around to pay some bills and to take care of issue I reported here on the 9th of October.  Since the new bill I got in the mail that day showed that it still hadn’t been take care of.  The customer service rep. was more than willing to help me out and get it squared away. A large load off my mind! (more…)