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First day of school

Thursday, September 7th, 2006

first-day-of-school-06.pngToday was the girls first day back at school… Most parents are naturally worried about sending the kids off every fall however this fall has been extra difficult.  However the school staff has been very supportive knowing as little as they knew going into this.  So today we had a conference call with Dr. Mortel with a couple of Ana’s teachers, the school nurses, and the Principle.

Going into the meeting we thought the doctor would just want a restriction on gym and get her excused from any part of gym that included objects either running or being thrown at her.  Much to our surprise he wanted her in no way in a gym class with a full roster of kids!  Which was fine by us, just a little more than we expected.  It’s our guess he’s worried about the worst case scenario even on the easiest of gym activities.  Ana was relieved as now she shouldn’t have to do the half mile run. (more…)

School Starts Tomorrow!

Tuesday, September 5th, 2006

Well the hardest summer we’ve gone though is over officially tomorrow Sept. 6th.  Both kids go to school again. 

Lucky for Sara and I we get to go tomorrow as well.  Not to class with the kids but for a phone conference with Ana’s 6 or 7 teachers and then Dr. Mortel will be on the phone.  To answer questions the teachers & staff have about the Tumor.  (more…)