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Aug. 29th Visit

This office visit went great! We did her lab counts and unless they fall though the floor between now and next Wednesday, were on track for Chemo on Sept. 8th.

We met with the “Life Specialist”, before we began all of this was a job and concept I had never imagined.  However after learning more it’s an interesting role.  This person will contact the school, and not only be in contact with Ana’s school, but she’ll come up to Hermantown and give a presentation students, teachers or both, and talk about her tumor type and her medications, treatments. From what we understand she doesn’t make school visits until it’s been in session for at least 3 weeks. It should be very interesting.

Dr. Morel and Ana want to get rid of the Dexemethasone. There reasons may be different as she wants her cheeks back and he feels it’s time to be done with the Dex.

We also talked about the future of the mole on her cheek… We’ve always heard it’s going to go when she gets older.  So I figured it was as good as time as any ask him his thoughts on her moles future.  He was very secure in saying that when we’re done with chemo we will want to have it removed.  He talked about the Sun and the changes chemo makes to the body will raise her risk of the mole becoming cancerous.

Also we had another hearing test and it came back with the same high frequency hearing loss in her left ear. The last hearing test was the same day we started chemo.