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Meds and Notes

February 20th, 2008

Not really sure where to start… Ana is doing well she has been on and off sick recently… each time she comes down with a cold she ends up being home for a week or so.  Her immune system isn’t quite up to snuff yet.  Her scar is nearly healed so she’ll let me post something once it’s not so pink… she has been great since the bandage for her mole removal came off but you can tell she’s still getting used to it.

We also met with a school vision specialist last month.  She was very impressed with our little girl, she did a great job of advocating for herself and was able to explain with great detail what her issues were. The plan is to get her to touch type so at somepoint we can get her an ultra portable laptop and she can take and do her homework on that.  today she had due a “wellness plan” for a class and I doubt I could have gotten away with that little she had.  But in the paragraph or 2 she would have a on page you could see where her eye’s would just give out and it was increasingly difficult to write more.  SO the idea is to have her on one machine that would work well for her.  Something useful for small hands and good battery life.
The other modifications have been working well… she does math homework sheets on 11x17inch paper! Vs. the standard 8.5×11 that would normally be used.  Most kids would have a couple issues with using something so different from their classmates but for whatever reason she just goes with it.  IN another post I’ll explain more of what’s going on with her eye sight and catch everyone up…

It looks like Ana will be starting Growth Hormones, so long as her Next MRI turns out well. She was really disappointed when she found that out… She wanted to start a while ago.  She wants and is ready to grow… All the test show that her body is producing what it needs it’s just not making it to the areas where it’s used.  So were going to see if an artificial source works.  Anniessa currently has a couple inches on her older sister.

If you’d like to read about the money issues follow the jump… Read the rest of this entry »

Another Growth test, Appointments and Surgry this week.

December 11th, 2007

So the meeting with Doctor Mortel that week of Thanksgiving… went very well.  Ana did talk to him just as we thought she would the vision issues. He noticed that she was looking off to the left in her left eye more than should be, enough to be causing the double vision issues. So the outcome of that visit was that we’d start seeing the other doctors in her team to help figure out what are our options for correcting her vision or making adaptations.

Sunday we started a test that will see if she needs hormone replacement therapy.   The test is an IGF-1, we get the blood draw on Thursday and I’m not sure the time line for the test results.

Wednesday the 12th, we have the appointments with the new doctor team at the University of Minnesota… We’re looking forward to meeting with them.

Thursday is the big day… Ana get’s her port removed and she is also having the mole on her face taken off as well. I’ll be sure to post photos of before and after

We are having a number of car issues so any additional help would be great!

Ana hasn’t grown in the last year but she sure has changed!

November 19th, 2007

After my posting last week I had nearly forgot how much I enjoy posting on the site! It also made me think I haven’t posted any photos recently. SO here are some photos to help catch everyone up. I’ll have to redo the header for the site soon as she really doesn’t look like that anymore. People that know Ana and missed that time, don’t believe that she was actually chunky once because of the steroids.

Ana Fall photos 06 & 07the left side was Fall of ’07 and the photo on the right was taken in the fall of ’06

The last of the Tooth-Fairy
Ana Had 7 teeth pulled last month… Amazingly she lost no hair or teeth over the last year while on chemo. Teeth aren’t something people generally loose while on chemo but to be 13 and still have a good number of baby teeth isn’t common either.

img00034.jpgThose baby teeth gotta go!After the dentist

Downtime while down for appointments.
Since St. Paul Children’s isn’t far from the Mall of America we find ourselves there to relax quite often.

Ana and Nissa after libby lu Ana and Grandma img00059.jpg

Ana the Boxer?
Ana has found a most unsual passion… the sport of Boxing? She got the ok from the doctor but no head shots. Unfortunately we don’t have a good and regular afternoon we can get her to lessions. Hopefully after the holiday’s we can get a regular day down. But the owner of the Gym did give her a punching bag and gloves for her birthday and she practices on that.

Ana Boxing with Chuck Horton Ana Boxing with Chuck HortonAna Boxing with Chuck HortonAna Boxing with Chuck Horton